Our Products

Order Management - eInvMS manages all kind of purchase and sales order. Order can be tracked with their cost and delivery system.

Product Management - Product can be managed based on their categories. Product stock can be tracked with their respective re-order level.

Sales Representative - Manage all the details like Mobile Number, Emails about your sales person. Track their sales record with ease of eInvMs .

Multiple Stores - Sales and purchase can be done from different channel. Here one can manage multiple stores for sale of any product.

Customer Vendor Management - Manage your all guest, with details of table booking, services, history and contact details. Use all details for better marketing.

Dashboard & Reports - eInvMS contains an attractive dashboard with graphical representation of data. Reports can be generated for all the Products, Sales and Purchase. It can be saved in different formats.

eInvMS - Inventory Management Software helps to manage multiple type of inventories which include finished goods, raw material, work in process. It also provides result of Demand and Supply chain.