eSpa Software- Take your Business to the Next Level

With the growth of a business, organized way of work becomes next to impossible if you are still stuck with the traditional way of using pen-and-paper to manage the entire operation. To cope up with this competitive world, all you need is a centralized cloud-based solution that will handle all your business operations in an organized and time-saving manner. 

Instead of assuming that your customers will still prefer your company over others, consider spending on an effective salon and spa software that will not only keep their trust but also grab the attention of new customers by making things much easier for you to manage. Here are some of the exciting features of eSpa to help your business run smoother ensuring profit and better management. 

Appointment Scheduling & Client Managing

There are a lot of stores that use spa and salon management software to handle their respective client info and schedule appointments. Remember, your customers always wants priority and as such they prefer to make appointments as per their feasibility. They will never accept being on the waiting list or on a vacancy when it comes to getting service from your end. 

eSpa comes with the appointment booking feature with various options that allows the customer to request for his or her suitable worker or masseuse. Besides the appointment booking feature, it also helps keep the record of customer preferences who visit the store. This is indeed an essential attribute that helps to identify which staff member is being preferred by the customers for a specific task. It also helps to know other likes and preferences of the client when it comes to massage, natural or cosmetic materials, temperature, and much more. 

Due to this particular feature, the business will undoubtedly prosper because the spa will automatically understand the preferences of its clients without asking them. This will portrays how important is the customer to the store. The satisfaction of the customer solely depends on how he or she is being treated. Thus the efficiency of your service will automatically be enhanced with the tag of a high-quality service which is worth the money invested. 


A common feature found in most of the spa and salon management software is the inventory feature. It is indeed an essential attribute as it allows the managers to have a check on the items needed to be purchased or replenished. It also helps in settling a profit (if any) during the period of time that the inventory includes. While some stores have an inventory annually others prefer to do it half-yearly. Some spa & salon software come with the close day feature. It not only displays the income for the day but also the charges of individual employees who worked throughout the day. 

Inventory & Closing

Some stores have an inventory yearly while others do it semi-annually. The close day feature of some of the salon and spa software displays the income for the day as well as the charges for each of the employees who worked the day. This feature also includes a tracker for when the clients may have finished or if they are recorded as still in the store. These are only a few features that make the eSpa stand as one of the most demanding software for the clients, workers and the management of the store.