Role of Inventory Management System in Distribution Sector

Gone are those days when managing and tracking things seemed a hefty task to overcome. Technology has gifted the world with cloud-based software that not only eases the job but also cuts your expenditure.

Distribution companies actually understand the worth of inventory software that not only simplified the entire process of stock management and tracking for improving efficiencies but also decreases the carrying expenses. We all are aware of the fact that for every distribution unit, the task of efficiently managing inventory and tracking goods throughout the supply chain is indeed essential.

However, a real inventory management system provides much more value to the organization. Thus, don’t forget to consider the below mentioned features while evaluating inventory management software. 

Offering Complete Visibility to Supply Chain Management

Once completely optimized, inventory software provides helps the entire operation gain complete insight on actionable info related to both inbound and outbound product flows. It also allows the user to collect other necessary details regarding the inventory if needed. 

Quality Management

Since distribution companies deal with both durable as well as non-durable goods, thus there are higher chances of delay in shipments, lagging of fill rates, breakage of packages, etc. This is where the role of eInvMS, an efficient inventory management software of eStar come to play. It identifies and tracks different errors and offers complete guidance through analytics and reports on the factors impacting quality. 

Planning for Future Forecasting

‘Smart’ is the perfect term to define an inventory management software. It plays the dual role of handling the highest stock levels at the warehouse as well as predicts the capacity requirements for the future. Through such insights, you can easily understand the feasibility of opening several regional warehouses near your key customers so as to enhance efficiencies and progress service levels. With inventory software, you can actually get the confidence of making the right decisions for your business. 

Cost-Effective Management

Any product that is sitting idly in the shelf risks the profitability of your business. To utilize the best of your stocks, you need to ensure real-time shipment along with profitable inventory returns. Utilize the maximum of your shelf space and enhance margins through a true inventory management software.
Enhancing Efficiency, Reducing Time Wastage

An optimized inventory process significantly decreases the time required to reload stock, process deliveries and hence serve the customers. In other words, an inventory management software system helps you reduce the time spent on the entire process of “pick, pack and deliver” without compromising quality or raising head count. 

Proper Scaling

As a business expands, the need of a software also increases. Whether you launch new products or increase your customer base or enter new markets, eInvMS is the right software ensure steady growth without increasing your expenses. 

Thus to conclude, a proficient inventory management system is associated with multiple features that bring your business into the track of progress.