4 Reasons Why You Need a Responsive Website for Your Business

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With the surprising growth of mobile devices such as tablets, smart phones, and the increase of mobile usage via apps, games, social media and websites, having a compatible website is undoubtedly a necessity for every business. If your website is mobile friendly, your customers or clients can easily navigate through it and collect necessary information, irrespective of the type of device they are using. 

In this blog, we have outlined the importance of having a responsive site developed by a website design company for your business. Read below to discover them.

The Usability of Mobile is on Rise

Presently, a majority of population in India own smartphones and hence maximum traffic at different websites comes from mobile devices. A statistical report shows that there are more mobile devices than human beings on this planet and this count is significantly increasing each month. Hence, it shows that most of the prospects and customers will try to visit your website from a mobile device rather than a desktop. If they find that your site’s response rate is poor, they will look for other brands and hence your competitors will automatically be benefitted in terms of sales. 

E Shopping is Growing Steadily 

Online shopping or e shopping is taking a bigger space these days. Amidst the busy schedules of life, people look for convenient and time-saving solutions to fulfil their daily needs. To combat this situation, online shopping is grabbing attentions since people rarely prefer visiting the physical stores and spend their time shopping there. Owing to this scenario, most of the consumers use their smartphones to shop online. Henceforth, your products or services should be easily accessible from a phone otherwise, you are going to miss out some prospective deals. Thus, it is very essential for any business to get their site optimized by an efficient website design company. 

Social Media Enhances Mobile Visitors 

These days, most of the social media consumption happens on mobile devices. Therefore, sharing links from prominent social media networks such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus to your website will drive maximum traffic thereby increasing your viewers from mobile devices. Thus, if you are planning to implement the social marketing strategy and want to influence social sharing of content, make sure to get responsive. 

SEO Rankings Get Improved through Responsive Sites

Google prefers responsive websites on the top position of search rankings since they provide a better user experience as compared to other sites that aren’t mobile friendly. Besides, Google also recommends responsive sites using single URL as against various URLs for separate mobile versions of sites. 

In addition to this, mobile phones also have an individual Google search algorithm. Thus, just because your website ranks high through a desktop doesn’t implies it will also rank top via mobile devices. If you consider search engine optimization essential, make your site responsive first.